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Getting Top 10 Position in Google Is Easy

How many times did you scratch your head over the result your friends are getting on Google search? You did your homework diligently to get your new website into the world largest search engine but 6 month had passed and nothing happened. And you wanted to give up at this instant. But the back of your head is telling you there got to be an easier way to do this.

Well, you are right. I am just like you trying method after method with disappointment. I am writing this article to share with you or short cut your pain to getting top 10 positions in Google. Yes, if your website is not even rank in google you can never get traffic from natural search and ouch it hurts your motivation as an internet marketers or an online business owner. Are you ready?

My method of getting my websites ranked in google fast is simply following the steps I show you here. No tweaking is need unless you wanted lousy result.

Step 1: Knowing. If you are doing site on Adsense or promoting affiliate products, please do your homework. Know what products you are actually promoting. Did you personally use it? What are the key benefits and features?

Step 2: Picking. Once you list down your product or website benefits, identify key phase people which are popular. How? Go to google and do a search with quotes, "", around your key phase. Those key phases which have resulted pages between 1000 to 5000, pick those. You are actually mining golden key phase. This is an important step.

Step 3: Writing. How many times you are being reminded to market your website via article marketing? Yes, if you wanted to start making some decent money online, you got to write about your website or products you are promoting. Else who will know?

Step 4: Submitting. You got articles written in Step 3 and the next natural step to do is to submit it to article directory. Which article directory to submit to? Aren't the answer staring at you. For completeness submit to ezinearticles and goarticles. There is simply no need to submit your articles all over the Internet. Why? Google loves big article directory site.

Step 5: Waiting. If you have did step 1 to step 4 correctly, you should be waiting for your articles to be reviewed and approved. Once approved by article directories, your articles should be appearing on Google page 1, which is the top 10 position, in a few days.

You might be thinking should article be search engine optimised. Well, the fact you just did optimised your article title in step 2. I guess by now you have gotten the extra advantage from the usual article writer in getting your article listed and driving natural search visitors to your website.

About the Author

Adwin Ang is a ezine author, affiliate marketer and adsense publisher. He has been actively helping newbie Internet marketing both online and offline to make their first buck. Did you find those tips on getting top 10 positions useful? If you are interested to learn about how your site can be listed in top 10 Google using laser targeted keywords, visit http://affiliateslittleguy.com/GetTraffic.html

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